I have finally accepted that my beloved UltrAspire Alpha hydration pack is nearing the end of its life, so I am on the hunt for a new hydration pack for trail & distance running. 

Nearly all the options I have looked at (even 'women's packs') would have me carrying gear or water directly on top of my chest. As a female runner, I have enough issues with chafing at the bra line, the last thing I want to do is carry additional weight directly on top of my chest. 

Any suggestions for hydration packs/vests for a female runner?

My wish list:

  • Ideally a 2 liter capacity.
  • Pockets that are easily accessible on the run for fuel. I don't want to have to take the pack off to grab a GU
  • I don't need much, if any, backpack/storage capacity. I usually just carry water and extra fuel. Too much space just encourages me to carry more than I need. 
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I have had success with Ultimate Direction.  I carry empty water bottles on the front to use at aid stations during ultras.

I like my Nathan Vaporkrar.  Very comfy, not to big. The women’s packs just don’t work for me. I’m busty and they sit right on my chest and are never long enough. 

Not sure if they make a version specifically for women, but I really like my Osprey Duro. It sits pretty flat and doesn’t bounce, which is great. Tons of pockets in the front with easy fuel access. It even has a little zippered pocket in the front for key/card storage. Minimal (maybe even none?) backpack storage. I used it while training for my most recent marathon and stuffed 8 gels in the front pockets with no issues

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