I recently retired and more Backpacking is on my bucket list. I started backpacking in the early 80s but when I was still working opportunities to get out on trips diminished over the years to about one trip a year and usually with just me and my dog. So I promised myself when I retired I would get out more often but not to do it alone anymore, mostly due to safety concerns. So I am looking for an experienced backpack partner between about 50 and 75 years old to plan and share some outdoor adventures with. To evaluate both of our backpacking skills, I would like to start out with easy to moderate trips, 3 to 4 days long, 5 to 8 miles a day hiking to the next camping spot and less then 2000 feet of elevation change. Then maybe plan some more epic adventures as we gain more confidence in our skills.

I always go with my dog, a black lab of course, who carries his own supplies including emergency, medical and repair supplies. So any trails we take need to be dog friendly. If you are interested let us get together for lunch to see if we are compatible

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