My guy loves the local pump park. He turned 3 last month, he’s a tiny guy for his age (3-5th percentile). A few days ago he hopped on his balance bike and road 2.5 miles on our city sidewalks/streets/trails to Jersey Mikes. Lol 

He takes every chance to go over a curb, down a landscaped hill, through the grass, puddles.... he LOVES the local pump park. 

Where can I take him? 

I’m not sure where to start googling to find pint-sized trails to challenge him. 

I’m also open to classes/club type things... does this exist? 




@HaveKidsWillTravel thanks for reaching out for suggestions for your little cyclist!

Here are a few that one of our Portland employees, who has 2 young sons of her own, suggested:

Hopefully we'll hear some other suggestions from other community members as well! And let us know what you think of these options, if you check them out!

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lumberyard is spendy, oof!! But man oh man would he love it! 

I'm confused by gateway... the website is worded like it’s not open yet? This would be an accessible last minute drive for us! 


I'm not local to Portland, but based on those sweet red Wild Child wheels with the Black Jack tires (way to go you!), you're prepared to go off road!

The 3rd link @REI-JenK posted looks like a good starting point to me. Besides that specific trail, the MTB Project website/app its on is a great way to find other singletrack trails, just find ones that are rated green at first, then you can think about moving up to blues as he progresses. Other similar apps are Trailforks and Singletracks. Which of the apps works best can be a matter of preference and geographic location, so explore them all and decide which you like best.

As for classes, not sure, but at least around here in Minneapolis most biking clinics I've seen are for older kids, teens and preteens. Could ask around at local bike shops?

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those original strider wheels was useless at the pump park! Lol and well... once you’re on their website you’re buying all the accessories. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

I’ll get all the apps and see what we can find. He absolutely doesn’t neeeeed a class for learning purposes. He’s very social and I think would just really *enjoy* the time.. he’s also high risk for covid complications so we have to leave the pump park when people without masks show up and such, need a controlled environment. 🙄


Anyway, thanks again!! 

@HaveKidsWillTravel wrote:

Lol and well... once you’re on their website you’re buying all the accessories. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

So true, know it all too well, literally only the frame is original... 💸 At this point I might have been better off just buying a woom or Prevelo but her bike just looks so mint now 👌🏼 😂


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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

😂 I love it!!!! 

Wait... I can FULLY justify my purchases!!!!!

we had a cute balance bike that my daughter learned on, was riding a pedal bike just after her 4th birthday. Handed to this guy at about 18-20 months and he couldn’t hold it up. He’s tiny, the bike was 11 lbs and he was barley 20. I’d help him stand it upright between his legs and as he walked it’d just pull itself over sideways and he tried soooo hard. 
the woom1 was out of stock and spendy. The strider pro was a hair lighter and in stock!! 

how was I supposed to know that this kid would burn the tires off it in the matter of a month!?! 😂😂😂 the pro was 5lbs. So, once he was good I upgraded the components... since they weigh a bit more. 

but now I’m at a loss at what pedal bike to get him. 

He’s 3 and 28.0 lbs and 35.0” 😂 he doesn’t need one yet but everything is on back order or pre-sale and months out. 

His sister rides a 16” guardian and an REI REV20 with gears. 


I, sadly, don't have much to contribute in terms of locations for your son, however, I just couldn't handle the cuteness and awesomeness of this thread! @HaveKidsWillTravel I love that last photo of your son! 

@TomV The #shredtilbed coloring pages? Love them!

I chatted with my sister, who lives only a couple of miles from Gateway Green. It sounds like they're working on getting the dirt trails built at this time. The park is open but isn't fully completed. She also suggested Mt Tabor Park, as it is also in that general area and has dirt trails that bikes are allowed on.

When my little guy (5 now) was rolling on his balance bike we would pack it along on easy hikes at local parks and nature areas. We found he was much more willing to ride (as opposed to sitting in the stroller) and most folks are totally fine sharing the trail with a little one on a balance bike.

Hopefully this helps, thanks for sharing!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

So much the same boat! We got our Strider back in 2019 before COVID and the bike boom, precisely because the woom1, etc seemed too much at the time even if they did still have stock. But now in retrospect we've spent even more so it would have been the cheaper option 🤦🏼‍♂️ No regrets though!!

We're also gonna be looking for a pedal bike. Since we're a very MTB oriented family I'm hoping to get lucky and score a Prevelo Zulu Two when they come up for pre-order, currently projected at May. 🤞🏼 We've got time on our side at least, as our girl only just turned 2 in December (but she's huge, 32lb and 38" at last check, which is why we're going to try skipping 14" straight to 16" wheels), but have to try and get one whenever we can in this market, even if it sits for a few months before she's ready.

Oh, and @REI-JohnJ does make a good point, we've taken her on a bunch of trails that are technically "no bikes" but nobody seems to mind, in fact they all just think it's the cutest thing. I think mostly the land managers don't care either, as long as it's not someone ripping around a tight corner at 15mph surprising a hiker and causing a collision/injuries. We'll probably stop that once we transition to pedal bike, if nothing else to teach her good trail etiquette/stewardship.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

We have opposite kids. 😂


I actually don’t want a woom for him. It doesn’t seem much his style/interest and I’m afraid I’ll end up having to buy more components to make it work. 

And I’m DEFINITELY taking his bike next time we head out!! We are homeschooling and have a specific forest spot we sneak out to each week. It’d be perfect! 
Best recent photo I have, but there all sorts of little trails and such all around us here  🥰