Hey all,

I'm moving to Portland in about a month and was wondering what should be on my must-do-outdoors list..

Specifically, what are the best places for day hikes, backpacking, and canoeing? And is there anything else I absolutely must do?



Forest Park is our local treasure. So easy to get over there and so many trails to explore! Mt Tabor and Rocky Butte provide a couple other urban hiking options. Outside of Portland, you have the gorge (Dog Mountain is infamous for it's wild flowers and steepness!), the coastal range, and Mt Hood all within 1.5 hours. So. Much. Hiking. Backpacking options include any of the Cascade mountains. I tend to travel across the state for backpacking so don't do as much locally. And I wish I knew more about canoeing! It sounds so peaceful! Welcome and have fun!