Hi friends!

A new neighbor to the Coronado district, I'm curious if anyone has some scenic running routes in the downtown area? I am used to being so close to the Grand Canal to make a 3-5 mile route following the canal most of the way. Although I have found some exciting routes that pass by unique street art near me, I'm wondering if some could share their favorite running routes (about 2-6 miles) that don't cross major streets too often, avoid some crowds, and might loop around lesser-known parks or other open areas tucked in and around downtown Phoenix.


Hi @AZAndy - We're so glad to hear you're looking for routes in your new neighborhood! There are a good number of current/former Phoenix residents here in the community and we are hoping some of them can weigh in with their suggestions. 

@bryndsharp@hikermor@ksosna@vbeets@AlleyOOP@KjsHiker - do any of you all know trails or routes around downtown Phoenix that would be good for Andy to check out? 

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Anywhere along the canals.  Canals are super popular for riding and running.

Not sure where you can run around downtown, it seems more geared for business and walking.  You’d be better off heading to a park such as Encanto or Steele Indian School or even Margaret T. Hance Deck Park.

Hit the road and see where your feet take you.  Good luck!

Thanks! Good recommendation.

For anyone else curious about this:

I got on the canals and discovered the Grand Canalscape project. Such a beautiful improvement to the Grand Canal. Crosswalks, wide paved paths and bridges make this so great for running or biking.

Link to the SRP Canalscape info: https://blog.srpnet.com/grand-canalscape-recreational-paths/

I went from 26th St. & Oak to 40th St. & Van Buren for about 5.5 miles roundtrip. Highly recommend this section or others on the Grand Canal.

Unfortunately I'm still rather new to the area and tend to do my longer distance runs on the trail, rather than in the city. So I'm afraid I won't be much help in terms of running around the downtown area, but if you want trail suggestions just let me know!


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