@ksosna You have received great advice so far! I am actually located in Phoenix right now, although I have spent a good number of years living in Tucson and other locations throughout the U.S. and the world.

One piece of advice I would add, which I always do when prepping for a high-altitude hike, trek, or climb, is to train on other trails with significant altitude gain ( @hikermor gave some great recommendations of places to train). Moreover, I always do this training with a pack that ways significantly more than what I plan to carry on my actual trip. This helps my body become accustomed to more weight than I expect, which makes the ascent so much easier when it actually comes to the real thing.

In the Phoenix area, Camelback Mountain would be a place I'd check out as a training ground.

Hope this helps! Feel free to shoot any other questions you have my way! I have summited numerous peaks in the U.S. and South America, each with varying degrees of technicality, difficulty, terrain, etc., and all in a broad range of conditions. 


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