where I live

Hello outdoor enthusiasts.  Just to give you a start as to where I am coming from, I live just across the state line of the UP of Michigan in the woods outside of a very small village of Land O'Lakes, Wis.  My husband and I owned a resort for over 30 yrs. and are now retired.  We are building our newest home in the woods on a small lake.  I have a dog who I walk at least once daily and more if possible.  My cat who I had for 15 yrs. I had to put down about a month ago.  That was a sad time, but she is buried by our in progress new home in a wildflower garden I am currently working on.  I also have a horse.  So guess between all my animals where I am most of the time including gardening.  I'll quit for now as this is just a beginning.  Thank the Lord for our wonderful out of doors.  Jan