Boots or shoes are great for taking care of your pet's paws, but not all canines will tolerate them and it usually takes them a bit of time to fully get used to them.  I tried a few times to get my dog into them and used to them all to no avail.  

I will change my routes in the summer especially on warmer days as well as going earlier in the day.  I opt for shady trails or at minimum routes that have grass, sand, or dirt next to the sidewalk so my pup's paws won't get too hot.  

I, personally, use regular cooking coconut oil lightly on the pads of her paws when they get irritated or excessively dry.  Usually this is during the winter with all the ice melt and salt on the sidewalks, but I've occasionally used it during the summer. 

I would definitely consult with either your vet or at least a pet store on what types of products they would recommend to keep your pup's paws healthy and happy.  

Good job on watching their paws.  Make sure you also inspect for grass and plant seeds/thorns that can get stuck in between the pads and toes.

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