I just started training my dog, Ben, to ride in my BoB trailer. This was our first day. I started by putting the bike in a stand and teaching him how to get in and out of the trailer. We did this over and over until I was confident he understood the command. Then I straddled the bike while giving the command. This was confusing for him because I was no longer facing him while giving the command, even though my hand signal was the same. He figured it out after a few tries. Once in the trailer, we worked on sitting, then lying down and staying. We got as far as him allowing me to walk the bike while he was lying in the trailer. He bailed when I tried to pedal, but I am extremely proud of the progress we made in just one day. I am going to ease him into riding while I pedal, and eventually I would like to teach him how to load/unload while traveling at slow speeds. He is a smart boy, and I think he will figure it all out eventually.