This is Hunter (@wildlymutty on ig) my hiking, camping and overall adventure buddy!


So much to smell!So much to smell!


Parker Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Love Heeler ears.... got the forever puppy fur behind them....


My best buddy GusMy best buddy Gus

It would appear the grump-meter is reading low on this adventure day. 🙂

Indeed it was.... Heading back up there tomorrow for an overnight.


Bernie taking in the sun in Gold Beach, OR.

Bernie Gold Beach.jpg

Otto is just a pup, 4 mo old in this photo, but already he loves the trail.



Tikka two year old lab helping to get supper.  Turning into a great bird dog and strong swimmer.

@Mtn_hunter - What a precious pup (and beautiful ducks)! Nice work on training them into being a solid bird dog. It's always nice to have help putting delicious food on the table.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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