@Lile Thanks for reaching out!

What a lucky pup you will have! Taking my dog(s) hiking and biking has been such a rewarding experience for all parties. I've had two dogs (up until a week ago, more on that later), a black lab mix ( @hikermor is spot on that mixes, particularly black lab mixes in my humble opinion, are the best!) and an alaskan husky mix (a sled dog). Hadley, the alaskan husky, is still with us and, at 6 years old, isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Her breed is built to run long distances over rough and remote terrain. My main concern with her on long hikes is making sure she has enough water to stay cool and hydrated. I always make sure to check trail conditions and updates to see if water is available. If not, then I'm packing it on my back!

As the owner you'll just want to get to know your dog as well as you can so you can appropriately gauge their ability to go far. Additionally, when I was living in Alaska and venturing out very far into the backcountry with Hadley, I would carry an emergency dog carrying harness just in case, knowing it would be unlikely that I would be able to carry her in my arms, much less leave her behind if I needed to go for help. Typically I would be bikepacking with her, so it didn't take up a lot of room on my bike.

Trail dogs are the best! Last week we brought home a new black lab mix into our family, Apollo, and we're working with him to grow up to be an awesome adventure dog too! Right now he just kinda sleeps a lot...


Apollo the adventure puppy.Apollo the adventure puppy.Pretty good brand placement if I do say so myself.Pretty good brand placement if I do say so myself.On the hunt.On the hunt.That tongue though.That tongue though.

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