@animalloverwhere you live sounds lovely.  I can appreciate it, although I am definitely a warm-weather person (that means I'll visit the snow, the cold, the Fall - ha - with my warmest clothes).  I had fun when I worked at a ski resort for a couple years, and I lived in the PNW for a bit with my awesome dog -- he made it bearable for me by always being ready for nice long walks, no matter the temperature or weather, and making people laugh with his adorable personality.  I was able to give him a few more years in "his" yard here at home before I had to say goodbye -- it was terribly sad & difficult 😞  No doubt you gave your kitty a nice life ❤️

I've had pets all my life, except while I was away at school (but my parents took great care of our pets & it was always a treat to visit them), but he was the first one who really went everywhere with me.  I had thought about taking him camping, but I honestly worried about a dog "attracting" bears & I knew he would give his life to protect me, so I didn't try. 

One of my dreams back in school was to one day open a hostel or B&B in a great spot on the edge of beautiful & wild lands, after I had spent some time making my schooling worthwhile 😉  Now you get to enjoy your time in the wilderness on your own terms -- enjoy!!