@fence007 , great questions! So much of this depends on the personality of the kids. The Osprey Poco is a great carrier and can be used intermittently for a balance of letting the kids explore and giving them (and the adults) an opportunity to rest. With this in mind, perhaps one adult can carry a Poco and the other adult can carry the day pack and the infant. I don't have experience wrangling TWO toddlers on the trail but when my son was little I found it effective to give him a scavenger hunt or a specific task to keep him focused and on the trail. Making a list of things that you are likely to encounter on the hike such as wildflowers, a stream, a heart-shaped rock or leaf, a squirrel, really whatever you can come up with, is an effective way to occupy their minds.

As for carrying gear, you could look into getting small backpacks for the kids to wear that contain just snacks and maybe a water bottle. The amount of weight that they can carry is minimal so it's really just to motivate them. My son loved carrying his own items and I like to think that it slowed him down just a little.

There are a lot of great day pack options in various brands, sizes, and styles. The REI Flash 22 pack is great for day hikes and travel. It's a versatile pack and doesn't weigh much on its own. I'd recommend stopping into your local REI to check out various pack options and make sure that the pack you choose is a good fit.

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