My spouse worries about all the possible risk of camping outdoors and exposing our kids to potential hazards, such as diseases from bug bites and encounters with wild animals that have kept us from extensive activities outdoors. Eventually, many years later, I was able to convince my spouse to go tent camping with our family. By this time, I have one reluctant tween, bugs, and being away from their comfortable bed, did not sound appealing. So, I came up with a plan. We had our tween help with planning the camping trip. In the end, our camping trip looked more like glamorous camping... glamping instead of roughing it in the woods. We had two tents connected to a market tent with insect netting, comfortable mattresses, fairy lights, an elaborate menu, etc.  In the end, we had a great time connecting in the outdoors. 

What are some of your tips for getting your reluctant tweens and teenagers to engage in family camping? 

Howdy @JJNortheast I'm going to be following this thread as I'm at the stage with my kids where I need tips too 🙂 I've been getting this question a lot now, "Can you see if friends can come?" We're doing more backyard campouts these days with friends and have a lakeside campout planned for later in the summer with families on the block that have kids of simlar age. I'm certainly not "cool" anymore and I think having their friends along will help them with thier social needs while camping. All the best with your #outdoorkids!

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