So I haven't been backpacking or camping for real in about 20 years so most everything I have is ancient and heavy. Back then I was the only one with a "decent" pack so I carried most everything for the group which meant I had a rather heavy bulky pack, often well over 100#. Realizing I am not in my 20's anymore and also knowing I am responsible for another human means I needed to drop weight and bulk to make sure I was able to do this hike hopefully without injury. I replaced a couple of key pieces of gear like my tent to make we stay dry and sleeping pads to reduce bulk and weight. We were supposed to go this week but Elsa had other plans for us. It is one thing to have some rain, another to have the potential of flash floods and worse yet lightning while we are trying to get over the highest pt in the Catskills. Probably wouldn't be the best first experience. Since we shifted our plans I have some more time to rethink my gear and was wondering if anyone had any input.

My goal is to do the bulk of the work so my 10yo son will be more likely to enjoy himself. But with that said I am giving him a day pack that will have some snacks, a water bladder and our spare clothes so he feels like he is contributing. I am carrying everything else and right now my pack is weighing in at 53# so day of I will be sitting around 60 which I am comfortable with. 

Since I think I can handle a bit more weight and bulk I would consider bringing extras just to make sure he enjoys himself and wants to go again...which by the way means he will have more than snacks and clothes! But to set the hook is there something people would recommend I have for a 10yo boy? Back when I started we cooked over a fire, now I have a stove but for me the smell brings me back to those days. Plus, even though we don't need it for cooking or warmth (summer trip) I think it is an important skill to learn. So I am leaning towards bringing some kind of a saw/axe to be able to collect wood. But on the flip side, often these areas are stripped of all dead wood so it could be weight for nothing. Also I am concerned it could be discouraging and not get him engaged like I would like.

So is there something I should plan on doing or not doing to keep his interest?

By the way thanks to this forum for one excellent suggestion....I plan on letting my son take the lead so he can set the pace and explore. Rather than my past experience of just grinding away.