We planned our vacations this year and, not sure how it happened, but all our trips are camping trips and we've never taken our kids camping...heck, we've not gone camping in almost a decade!  This could be short sided 😂  They are 6,8,11 so not too young and well used to day hikes and the like.   I'm curious what made your camping trips successful with kids.  What did you discover you needed vs really shouldn't have packed?  Our trips are planned all over, one near Mt. Hood, another in San Diego, and the next in Yellowstone.  Two are tent camping and the other is RV.


We have all the basic items...I think.  Tent, bags, stove (new and need to test run), etc.  I have vague memories of needing a tub for washing dishes, but what soap do you use?  My dad used to have whistles on a string for the kids to wear around their necks...where do you even buy whistles these days?   

TY for your help and advice!