Congrats!  My grandson arrived recently, and I helped his active parents research such items. Reusable, chemical free and washable were required.  The web page was very useful.

Really look at infant and baby carrier features and weight limits.  We chose the Lillebaby Complete Organi-Touch for its 7-45 lb. range, large lumbar pad, cargo pocket & crossable shoulder straps.  A sun hat with full brim and neck shield. 

Ice cube trays for when you start processing foods for your child.  We froze right sized portions & had them in the freezer, ready to warm & use.

A powdered infant formula you trust, and baby bottle lids, nipples, etc. that fit to small mason jars give you quick adaptability for food when needed, whether your breast feeding or not.

They went with a large fanny pack for supplies; diaper "backpacks" that met functional / washable criteria were hard to find & in stock during the pandemic.

The UPPABaby Stroller hit high marks for functionality & they're loving it for hikes and runs.