Need help narrowing down the many "arches" hikes in Arches NP in Moab. We will be there for Spring Break in March. I have two boys, ages 9 and 7. They can hike a solid 2 miles, up to 4 miles if they're really engaged. Any ideas? We will be camping in Devil's Garden Campground. 

Hi @AgilePeacock 

I made an AllTrails Map for you which might be a cool hike for your children, because it has 2 arches. 

Kyle M |
Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.

Thanks Kyle, we ended up doing this hike and it was the perfect distance. 


@AgilePeacock, I have a moab article on my Insta you should check out @Former community member there is not a ton of elevation gain in moab. its more about packing enough snacks and water. there are TONS of unique "caves" and "canyons" hidden along the trails. many great options.

Be sure to utilize these:

- sand dune arch

- Windows section

- Devils garden (first part)


The delicate arch hike is doable but best before the heat sets in. Early morning for sunrise is awesome. I did it twice last summer and it was worth it. It’s 2 miles with a fair incline.