@sarahbobera Also Mpls here! Ok well, closer to St. Paul, and in the suburbs, but close enough... Ours is a bit younger and will turn 2 just before Christmas.

John has you pretty covered for clothing, I just want to say pay special attention to the hands. It's probably less so as our kids get older and move more themselves, but hiking around with her last winter, even bundled up her hands would get cold and clammy from not doing much while we carried her (either backpack style or trailer/stroller). But even getting more active, grabbing stuff with the hands has the potential to get that area more wet with snow melting from body heat. Kind of a trade-off between bulky, warm, waterproof vs. thinner but more maneuverable for little hands.

I don't know much about skating, but skiing and boarding should definitely be possible, I've heard they can start as young as 2 and hope to bring ours out at least once this year to introduce her to it if we can. If you're pretty new to ski/snowboard yourself, you might check out if Afton is still doing their "I Will Ski/Ride" series, which is 4 days of instruction for beginner adults, with lift passes included so you can keep practicing before/after the lessons, and you get to keep the skis/board and bindings at the end of the class! Still would need to buy your own boots, or keep renting (though having your own is SO much more comfy). The price for it all was VERY reasonable, only like $350 a person I think? Felt like stealing money for all that you got, though its pretty obvious the objective is to make lifelong skiiers to boost lift ticket sales both here and out west. We did it a few years ago and it was a blast have zero regrets. Only thing I don't know is if they'll still be doing that program because of COVID, I can't find current info about it.

Another thing we're doing because we're avid mountain bikers, we've been having our girl learn to ride a balance bike, and got the Strider snow skis for it, so she can bomb down sledding hills on that as well as a normal sled. they make some for their 14" wheeled bikes too. For myself I'm looking at getting a fat bike, and I've got a Shotgun kid's seat coming on Tuesday that I could throw on it if I end up getting the bike.

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