@maromuree this is such a fun question, especially because camping with kids can be super fun! Kids often thrive outside, away from screens, where their imagination can be set free with all the new and different "stuff" they find outside! We'll share this article: Tips for Camping with Kids, as a good starting point. Here are a few other things to highlight, then we'll leave it to the community to fill in the blanks:

  • Make sure they are warm/cool enough - depending on where you are camping, plan for the high and low temperatures, both during the day and overnight. One of the most important, yet easily overlooked, detail is how easy it is to get cold at night (again, depending where you are), so make sure you have good ground pads under your sleeping bags/blankets. Also make sure you've got plenty of water, sunscreen and bug stuff...
  • Make sure you've got fun food planned - things they like, or things they've never tried but are likely to like - marshmallows over the fire are usually a hit!
  • Kids often like to have their "own" gear - a kid-sized camp chair, their own pack, their own sleeping bag - things to make them feel included in the activity!

Let us know if you have any additional or specific questions - we're happy to weigh in more!

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