Hey @REI-JenK ! 

Our kids are pretty much wild animals running amok in the back yard. They are having a good time making mud pies, concocting many secret mud potions, building forts, setting  up "camp sites" for their stuffies, catching bugs and worms, and so much more.  We are also making our family "PE Class" regular walks or hikes in uncrowded places, time playing in the sand at the local beach, bike rides around the neighborhood, and "photo scavenger hunts" around our block. 

We are lucky the weather is nice this week, if it shifts to rain we will move toward even more mud pies and a lot of "puddle stomping" contests.   We have also had our fair share of impromptu dance parties, even though they get kind of rowdy.  

I love hearing what everyone else is doing with their kiddos!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.