I find that in times like this it is more important than ever to keep your kids moving and active, since most kids aren't getting their usual levels of interaction.  Some of our favorite ways are taking family bike rides or hikes rides around our own neighborhood.  They tend to be less crowded than local trails and parks, their easy to manage, and you won't struggle with all the closures.  Just make sure that you keep to less crowded sidewalks.  Another idea to spice up your hikes is to bring a jump rope or homemade bug net.  They add excitement to any urban hiking trail.  If you live in areas that are currently receiving lots of rain I would suggest the lost art of puddle jumping.  Kids love it, it fun to watch, and it uses up lots of energy.  Make sure you monitor your local weather, as this activity is best enjoyed on rainy days, not a stormy ones.  One of the simplest things we do is to set a few alarms each morning to remind us throughout the day to GO OUTSIDE!!  When the kids hear the alarm they know it's time for outdoor fun (for added enjoyment make your alarm tone a growling bear or chirping crickets)!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.