@weashloucks Snacks have been a big key to our success (from good healthy calories to the exciting (less healthy) gummy bears and fruit by the foot). That being said, I think part of the reason my twins have really stuck with it when they could have decided they were over it was how I sold the destination. For example, when they were 4 they summited our local highest peak. We discussed the height, how far of a hike it was, and that for a moment they would be on the tallest point in the county. They seemed to really enjoy that and look forward to reaching this magical spot. For other destinations, we have discussed the wildlife we may be lucky enough to see, such as a higher elevation lake that is inhabited by tiger salamanders and small frogs, or even a moose (on the loose). We will bring little notebooks to draw in as well as sometimes a small toy to snap pictures of in various neat spots along the trail. Hope this helps 🙂 Happy trails!IMAG0759.jpg


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