My routine may be a bit of overkill, but I've spent the last 1.5 years being treated for late stage Lyme disease and babesia, and don't ever want to go down this road again if I can avoid it. I make sure that our pup is current with his Frontline treatment, and if we're going into the deep woods, I also spray his paws & underbelly lightly with a combination of neem and water and a handful of other tick repelling essential oils. I also treat my clothing/shoes/boots with permethrine, as well as the base and first foot or so of our tent. (There is nothing more horrifying than finding a tick crawling on your pillow inside your tent!) I've switched to lighter-colored clothing so that any stubborn hitchhikers are easily seen. I've been using All Terrain Herbal Armor spray for years with very good results -- it even keeps mosquitos at bay! It does require re-application every so often, but it works and you don't smell like bug spray at the end of the day. When we all get home, everything goes into the dryer (tent included) and we all do a thorough tick check, pup included.