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Week 1: August 28 - September 1
Arrival at Base Camp August 27 by 5:00 PM.

Project: Palmerton, PA Trail Relocation

Superfund, sounds a bit like super fun! Join the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Mid Atlantic Crew for a week of trail building at a one-of-a-kind site on the A.T. near Palmerton, PA.

Years of dumping heavy metals as a byproduct of zinc smelting left the landscape surrounding the mining town of Palmerton in devastation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared the area a Superfund site, making it a national priority to remove the hazardous waste due to its potential risks to human health and the environment. After years of remediation, this rocky ridge provides poor Trail conditions for its current route.

An alternative twelve-mile reroute of the Appalachian Trail has been identified for this unique location. The Mid-Atlantic crew is tasked with building a Trail to help protect this recovering landscape. Projects may include vegetative clearing, tread definition, side hill tread construction, stone step installation or crib wall construction. The crew will be tenting at a nearby campground.

Crew Life: Crew members must be able to live and work cooperatively and in close proximity with fellow volunteers of varying backgrounds. Crew members are expected to participate equally in routine tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and tool care, both at base camp and the project site.

Working Conditions: Work involves using hand tools and can be moderately strenuous. Hiking over rough terrain while carrying 25-30 lbs. packs and tools may be required. Weather conditions during this time of year have the potential to vary greatly within a week. Be prepared to work and camp in both high and low temperatures.

On the Site: Crews gather at base camp for introductions and orientation the day before departing to spend the work week at the project location.

Staff: Crews are led by experienced, professional crew leaders eager to pass along Trail work and backcountry skills. Camp coordinators supervise life at base camp and provide administrative and logistical support. Some camp coordinators serve as assistant crew leaders in the field.

What We Provide: Once you arrive at the base camp, shelter, food, transportation to and from project sites, tools, safety equipment, and group camping gear (as available) are provided. Crew members need to bring work clothing, sturdy boots, and their own basic camping gear.

Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew Week 1 is located near Palmerton, PA. The Palmerton Trail Relocation Project will continue work on a relocation of the A.T. on Blue Mountain. The crew will be camping at a nearby campground.

Interested participants must apply. Please follow this link to start the process.

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