Join the Appalachian Trail Conservancy on September 15 - 21 and help protect the National Park Service lands adjacent to the Appalachian Trail. This public land serves as a buffer from encroaching development, and as a migratory pathway for numerous species along the eastern seaboard.

Using survey maps and hand-held compasses, the crew will maintain the boundaries of NPS lands while immersed in early fall foliage. Work involves bushwhacking along the boundary and using hand-held saws and loppers to clear a line of site between survey markers, as well as repainting yellow blazes and replacing US Boundary signs.

Volunteers will become very familiar with both the footpath and the land surrounding a rugged, beautiful, and remote Gulf Hagas portion of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. A day’s work involves hiking on the trail to the corridor near the work site, bushwhacking to the boundary line, working along the boundary line and then bushwhacking and hiking back – we don’t stay in the same place long!

For more information and to register, follow this link.