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@HoughtonLikeTheLake When do you plan to visit?

This currently on the park website  

All park roads, facilities and services closed to slow spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

One would trust this situation will not last long and the park visitor center will be open to provide solid info on current conditions.  I like Acadia in the early fall, the best time to visit a good many areas, in order to view the fall foliage.

A decent fist aid kit is fundamental; be prepared to deal with blisters and similar owies which are common to "tenderfeet" (appropriate term).  Does anyone in the group possess first aid training?  no usually necessary, but can often prove useful.

The kindly rangers in the Visitor Center are your friends, able to provide current, timely info on trails and trips.  You can even contact them in advance of your trip, once facilities are open for info before arriving in the park.

It would cost more, but you can stay outside the park and avoid camping altogether and the associated equipment hassles if some of your party desired. Acadia is not exactly raw, screaming wilderness.  I doubt that expensive, dedicated hiking boots are necessary for most of the trails you are contemplating.

Not sure hwat your equipment needs are , beyond your personal stash...

I am not an REI employee, but as a retired NPSers with more than 40 years service, and currently a volunteer with projects, I thought I might post...

Trust the rangers.  They speak with straight tongue!