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Wow what an exciting trip you have planned!  While I am sure we have some “Green Vests” and Community users that would love to offer some advice, I think those in your group who still need gear would really benefit from a virtual outfitting . With our stores currently closed, it really is the best way to get that personal one on one service that many novice campers/hikers need to make them feel ready for this new adventure!

I know you mentioned having done a ton of research, I’m not sure if as a result you have stumbled on our National Parks page, but there are actually a few conversations like this one that might prove to be helpful!

Lastly, here are a few articles that help cover some of the camping basics , essential gear , and a solid day hikers checklist .

Hope this helps keep you guys moving in the right direction as you finish planning your trip! Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

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