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I have researched the CRAP out of Acadia National Park. I have created an Itinerary, budgeted, and created a plan. I, my best friend (Morgan), My Boyfriend, and his three friends are all going (5 total, not including myself). That being said, I have the most experience out of all of them... combined. They are all very smart people, but some of them have not even used a tent before or own a pair of tennis shoes. 

I am concerned about guiding these "newcomers" to the outdoors, my biggest concern is equipment and safety. I have been to a total of 6 national parks so far and my longest stay was 7 months (best time of my life!). I have equipment that ranges on the more expensive side as I need it to be durable and last a long time. My friends do not have such gear and since they are not avid outdoor people, they are not willing to drop $100-300 on hiking shoes alone for a single trip. 

I am hoping for some suggestions for hiking/camping equipment that will last the 7 days we are in the national park but not empty their wallets. We plan on hammock/tent camping, hiking all of the iron rung trails, and going to the beach a few times. 

I am also NOT a trail guide and have no experience what so ever! When I hike and camp it is usually solo or with another experienced camper/hiker. Could you send some hiking and camping safety tips for a group of 6 people, with little knowledge of the outdoors? I want to return with all 6 of us! I was considering two-way radios, but I wondering if this is a worthy purchase. 

Also, if anyone has been to Acadia National Park, TIPS ARE WELCOME!!!

Thank you in advance! So excited!

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