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This year I got to visit Santa Rosa Island for the first time and I fell in love! Santa Rosa Island is part of the Channel Islands National Park, located just west of the Southern California coastline and it’s the 2nd largest island in California! There are 3 endemic mammals on the island; the island fox, island spotted skunk, and island deer mouse. You travel to the island by boat & you backpack in all of your gear 1.5 miles to camp. It is really special because it’s so secluded. There is potable water, restrooms and picnic tables, but that’s it! No store, no restaurant, no paved roads. It’s you, the vast open space and just a handful of other campers. I think it might be my new favorite National Park.

So, how about you?! Share with our community a National Park you visited in 2019! 

Tide Pools on Santa Rosa IslandTide Pools on Santa Rosa IslandBecher's Bay - Santa Rosa IslandBecher's Bay - Santa Rosa Island


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