I am getting ready for my first backpacking trip in Yosemite Wilderness in mid-September. I've hiked Half Dome twice before and gone on one 8-day backpacking trip previously, so I consider myself very experienced hiker and a fairly experienced backpacker.

I am looking for (1) suggestions on 3-5 day itineraries and (2) thoughts on reasonable daily mileage.

Thank you all!

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It really depends on what you prefer for your trip (waterfalls, views, etc). There are many great trips in the Yosemite area. For a 3 day itinerary the Mist Trail to Little Yosemite to Sunrise Creek and out to Tenaya Lake via Clouds Rest is pretty hard to beat. The North Rim is a good route that you can stretch into 3-5 days. Glenn Aulin is beautiful and you can easily do 5 days by going into the Northern area from there. As far as a reasonable daily mileage that is entirely dependant on your abilities and desires but I would plan for about 10 miles per day depending on the terrain. Cheers and enjoy your trip!