We are just finishing up doing the MN Hiking club and passport club this summer it’s been such a fun time doing it! But we never really hear about others doing it or really seeing it advertised. Anybody else on here check it out yet? Does anyone know of other states that do this program as well or just Minnesota I haven’t been able to find anything else about other states doing this. 

I just moved to MN last year and have really enjoyed exploring the State Parks and just the whole beauty of this awesome state - I had no idea about the MN Hiking Club & Passport Club! Just looked it up, and will be heading to my closest state park to grab the books. Thanks for introducing it to me!

This is crazy, I'm from Florida and was curious if we had a similar program and what do you know they do now. I don't know when it was implemented, but I guess there's a Passport you can get stamps for at each SP, and a "Family Annual Entrance Pass" if you complete the Passport. If I ever move back, I'll have to tackle that as well!


@likeanniewithanh it’s definitely worth it! There are some super cool state parks we would have never thought of going to until doing this program! We have found some new favorite parks! We are actually maybe moving to Florida this fall so we will have to check that out when we’re down there!

@Steph_Keen_Whaaaat that's wild! If you end up there, definitely check it out, I'm curious to see how it goes, especially with the awkward length of the state haha. I guess I need to check out the FL topic threads! I know this is an MN place but feel free to DM me (I think that's a thing here?) if you find yourself needing any recommendations (I'm from the Central FL area!) Cheers to new discoveries!

My kids and I are doing the Hiking Club. So far it's been great. We did the trail at Father Hennepin State Park yesterday and ran into two groups doing the same thing (one was going the "wrong" direction and asked us if they'd missed the password). I've checked some of the nearby states and haven't seen anything for Wisconsin, but North Dakota has something called an Adventure Challenge and also a 12 months, 12 hikes program. I'm in North Dakota fairly often for work, but not once a month.