Hey everyone! I’m so excited to find this forum and be able to exchange tips and tricks with fellow Minnesotans! We live in the Minneapolis area and have been biking more and more areas around us here in the cities and are looking for some cool places to check out if you have any! 

Hello again.  I saw your introductory post and am thrilled to have another Minnesotan to the board.  I lived in Minneapolis for years, both in the Uptown area and Northeast Minneapolis.  I work downtown and would bike in everyday via the Grand Rounds and the Kenilworth Trail (I think I have the name right?) On weekends I would love to bike up to Father Hennepin park and have lunch at the base of the Stone Arch or at Mill Ruins Park or enjoy the awesome Farmer's Market.  On the weekends, most of my time was spent in my kayak on the Chain of Lakes or I'd head up north to the Mississippi River for a weekend paddle/camping trip.  I'm now in Prior Lake just south of the city and now have to drive most places, but still get out in the kayak as much as possible with my growing family.  I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!  Cheers

Keep Calm and Paddle On

Hey @KayakTony ! 

that sounds awesome I’ll have to check out those trails! We have spent a lot of time at and around the stone arch since it’s so close to our house but can’t wait to check out new areas! We’ve recently switched to riding across the stone arch and along the river and also over to the UMN campus and back through downtown. I can’t believe all the places to ride! 


I'm more on the southeast side but still the Cities (Eagan/Apple Valley area).

What sort of biking do you do, paved, gravel, or dirt? There's lots of good options for all of them around the metro.

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Hey @TomV!

we have been mostly doing paved trails with a very small section of gravel out on boom island park but I do have a gravel bike so I’m ready for whatever! 


Some of my suggestions then!

  • Luce Line State Trail stretches from the west metro out to Hutchinson and beyond
  • Gateway/Brown's Creek State Trail heads out from the NE cities all the way to Stillwater
  • Lake Minnetonka LRT between Hopkins and Excelsior
  • Mississippi River Trail  particularly the section from Spring Lake Regional Park into Hastings
  • Big Rivers Regional Trail runs along the MN River from Eagan up to Mendota/Lilydale past the confluence with the Mississippi. You can keep going all the way to downtown St. Paul as well it just is no longer technically under the regional jurisdiction past that point.
  • Ft Snelling--Minnehaha--Chain of Lakes I don't actually know if this has an official name (probably) but it's a fun one through the heart of the city
  • Cannon River Trail from Cannon Falls to Red Wing (they do charge a small wheel pass fee). I recommend starting in Red Wing and riding west so that the return trip is more downhill when you're tired.

And up north, the Gitchi Gumi  that runs along the shores of Superior going through many of the state parks, and Willard Munger that runs all the way from Hinckley to Duluth!!

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Some more options 😉

Elm Creek [Maple Grove/Champlin] or Hyland Hills [Bloomington] or Carver Park Reserve [Victoria] are great for more loops options rather than out-and-backs. They all also offer plenty of other activity like hiking and XC skiing.

Lebanon Hills [Eagan] and Whitetail Woods [Farmington] are also some gems of Dakota County for hiking/skiing, though they don't have much biking. Well, Lebanon does have one of the best and most popular mountain bike trails in the area, but not paved biking anyways!

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