Who’s all into winter camping? Did it years ago and started again last year. Over the last few months picked up a couple hot tents for this year. 









 anyway looking forward to more winter camping this year

Hi @Graf - Thanks for sharing these photos with the community! I live in Vermont and have done some winter camping, but know I have a lot to learn in terms of staying comfortable in freezing and snowy conditions. 

There are some other community members who have talked about winter camping as well. @GroundedFA@nathanu@Tas - are these tent setups close to what y'all have used or considered during winter? 

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Luxury 🙂

I haven't actually ever done any "hot tenting" but generally don't get out if it's going to be that cold.  I've accidentally gone out with it super cold (ummm, recent trip on the Approach Trail when it got into the twenties), but it's usually not on purpose 🙂

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Winter backpacking is great...no crowds, no insects, and the scenery is pretty amazing, too...

Down to single digit Fahrenheit temps on this trip...proper clothing and a good sleep system are key to making it possible at those temperatures.




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@Graf That setup looks awesome. I do a bit of winter camping each year and have considered a hot tent and titanium stove. You’ll have to report back on how it performs. 



I find it very peaceful and enjoy the solitude. I usually hike, ice fish if the opportunity is there and of course nice fire to get lost in your thoughts by. Last year storm blew in almost collapsed my tent, next night freezing rain temps weren’t to bad got to 6 degrees, if you dress right and good sleeping bag and pad your good to go.

I do quite a bit of winter backpacking, but never used a hot tent before. Bet that feels good! Plan on getting in some more trips this winter here in MI and hopefully one last one in the mountains in February before I leave for my AT hike.

Winter camping can be so beautiful.