Hey y'all! I recently moved from Austin, TX to the LA/Riverside area in California. I've been to a few spots for hiking, but there seem to be SO MANY places to go and I'd love advice from anyone in the area or who has lived here previously on really good trails for hiking. I enjoy shorter day trips (3-5 hours of hiking) with moderate/difficult hikes, but am pretty open to anything. So far I've been to Big Bear Lake (only one trail), Chino Hills State Park, and Mt. Baldy (one trail). I'd also be interested in any hiking groups to meet some more people if that is a thing (I'm fully vaccinated and happy to socially distance). Thanks in advance!

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Get out to the islands.

Second the motion, especially Channel Islands National Park.  My fav island is a tossup - either Santa Rosa or San Miguel, the two most distant from the mainland.  On the map, the distance isn't that great, but the environmental/ecological/social gap is enormous!  It is an entirely different world....

You should know that I was on staff at the park for fifteen years, retiring in 2001.  I have been a park volunteer ever since, working on various projects of interest.  If this is appropriate, I suggest volunteering for the park for projects or work that appeals to you - it is definitely the best way to experience the islands and you will often get to spots otherwise almost impossible to reach.

You have loads of other options, as well - nice mountains in the  Santa Barbara and Ventura County backcountry - I could go on and on...

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That is really helpful, thank you! Before I moved here, I had never even visited California, so I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options available here. My 'New Year's Resolution' (if you can call it that) is to spend as much of my free time as possible exploring local parks/national parks so this gives me a great place to start. Always open to more ideas as I have a list going. Thanks!


My favorite gem is the San Jacinto Peak. You can either hike up or take the Tram up and then hike from there (more doable for what your're looking for). I'm from the heart of Los Angeles, so if you ever make it out here, let me know and i'll happily suggest some city hikes with great views or some hikes with beach views. And if I'm free, i'll join you 🙂 

Welcome to LA! 🙂 

P.s. Funny my sister JUST moved to Austin and I know i'll be visiting her often. I'll have to ask you for some great hikes out there. 


Hi Texan. I´m Fairly New To The Santa Monica Trails And Parks Area. I´ve Mostly Have Beach Walked For Up To 8 Hours. My Next Beach Activity Is To Float On A Huge Blow Up Flamingo Down The Beach Front Along The Malibu Cliffs.

If Your Interested In Meeting Up For A Few Hikes Along The Santa Monica Mountains, I´m Always Availa...  https://www.facebook.com/TheSandArchitect