Hello from the Sonoran Desert, about 15 miles from Phoenix. I am looking forward to being able to mountain bike, sea kayaking, and sailing... It's 116 outside today and the chance of doing this here in the near future is close to nil.  

I just need to know that there is life outside!




Hi David - Welcome to the community! With the heat keeping your indoors a lot this summer, Conversations is a great place to exchange stories, get inspired for plans once things cool down, and ask any questions you have. 

If you're keen to share, it would be fun to hear about your experiences with mountain biking, sea kayaking and sailing. As a former sea kayak guide, I know that activity often leads to some pretty wild stories!

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hello from Lake Havasu City, AZ where we are looking at 118°F today and tomorrow. The Colorado River is cold and good for water activities. For dry land muscle powered activities we head for high altitude locales like Flagstaff at 7,000 ft elevation, about thirty degrees cooler than our home. With any luck we'll see some rains during monsoon season. Cheers.

The Moon is high in the sky right now. Take advantage of what you have.


As a former Arizonan, I really enjoyed the different climates available at different altitudes.  living in Tucson, the adjacent mountain ranges offered ready access to different climes.

Winter, and blissful temps, will com soon enough to Phoenix and Yuma....

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