@Steph_Keen_ wrote:

And I have also worked in the MN ski industry for around 5 years and would love to be able to hear people stories or help out anyone with questions in that area! I’m so excited to be a part of this! 

Well I can share my story of how at the ripe old age of 28 I had the biggest wipeout the ski instructor had ever seen on the bunny hill at Lutsen! We had won a 3-day ski and stay package from donating blood: I hadn't skied since childhood and my wife had never been, so it was an adventurous (re)introduction to the sport for sure... We're a bit better now, though far from expert, and most times we stay local at Afton or Welch. Hoping to introduce our little this coming season, we tried this past winter and she was okay with stomping around in her 16.0 boots just fine in the house but hated every time we clipped into the skis.

We're very much a biking family, and I now work at a bike shop, so I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience in that realm back!

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