Hi there! We have lived in Idaho for 6 years now (originally from Northeast), and have taken up hobbies that allow us to enjoy everything Idaho has to offer! Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Camping, and RVing are all fair game now. This summer we will add backpacking to our repertoire! We have two children, ages 13 and almost 7, who will be venturing out with us. We will be hitting up 2 national parks this summer (no backpacking there, just day hikes in both Glacier and Bryce Canyon), and will be doing at least 1 backpacking trip. We are starting simple: 2 miles out, camp, 2 miles back. Want to test out our new gear, get a feel for setup / teardown, sleeping in the boonies, etc. Then we can start talking about bigger treks! Looking forward to learning from everyone 🙂