Howdy! I'm Rob.

I'm actually just settling into a new city here in Worcester, MA (which fun fact is called the Woo)! Came here via Austin, TX via Tucson, AZ via Anchorage, AK via Boise, ID!

And I've got to say, it's nice to be someplace with some real weather and seasons again. Austin is a cool city and I did enjoy the desert in AZ, but this is the first time in some 9 years that I've smelled fall and it's weird to say, but I'm looking forward to shoveling some snow again.

I grew up skiing, camping, and rafting, so I would certainly say I love the mountain, the forests, and rivers. But really I do just enjoy getting outside and learning about nature.

But any-hoo-ha, I'm glad to be here and happy to have some folks to chat with.

Currently North by South

Good to meet you, Rob. You've picked a great location for this part of your adventures: mountains, lakes, the Atlantic, great food, lots to do! Good on ya!