Hi Jenny

Wow thank you so much for the information.  Those are excellent suggestions. (how did I not think of it myself haha).

I just applied to 2 facebook hiking groups in LA.  I also followed the 52 challenge group in LA.

I'll be sure to pay it back by paying it forward.  If you'd ever like to connect more my instagram is @xikwoketa 

See you around, happy hiking and I'm sure I'll find the community I'm seeking for 🙂


Welcome! It’s addictive so you’ll be doing it for life! 



West LA here, originally from Honolulu, 35+ years wilderness enthusiast (land and sea), most of it as a wilderness survivalist, much of it as a wilderness soloist.

I've sailed a yacht delivery from Hawaii to Bora-Bora (stopping at a few seldom seen islands in between) and crewed the SF Bay regatta/race (1st in our category, 3rd overall), and was into Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling (OC-1) and racing (OC-6) for years.

I've also backpacked/hiked/camped in South Korea, Canada, and a few other places in between, including mountaineering, canyoneering, packrafting, bikepacking, in everything from mountains to deserts, coastlines, forests and so on.

I typically don't teach beginners, but am always open to the idea. The main issue for me is COMMITMENT. Commitment to getting things right the FIRST time from the beginning, to ivesting the time, energy (and sometimes money) it takes to getting good gear and good experience.

I never ask for money, but you WILL pay with your blood, sweat and tears... okay, maybe not so much with the blood. I like the area north of Altadena as my usual starting point. As an experienced wilderness survivalist, there are few you would be safer with.

If you think you're up to the challenge, let know.