I miss the absolute darkness of the country, and I hate these streetlights in Chicago that make my neighborhood look like a Walmart parking lot. I teach at a local college, and commute 10 miles each way by bike to get there and back. I'm not fast, but I'm determined. I don't have a car, so I really can't get too far from the city. When I first moved here I went to the top of the Sears Tower to look out the windows and see where the sprawl ended. It didn't. At least I live close to a body of water.

I would love to go camping if I could get there. I rode my bike around Lake Michigan in 1999, and I'd like to go again soon. I walk everywhere. I stare out the window for hours watching the sun move through the trees. I started to learn climbing at BKB, but covid hit before I managed to get past the easy climbs. I had been learning and practicing archery, but have to wait until there is a range open to practice now.... so that's on hold for awhile. I used to spelunk and climb the easy rock walls in the Catskills when I lived there. I can lift a heavy camera and I can lift a bale of hay. I'm not afraid to get dirty or soaked. The only thing I hate is mosquitoes, and horse flies. I joined Sisters on the Fly, and plan to get a teardrop trailer sometime down the road.

I'm just babbling here, because I'm stuck inside and can't meander this summer. When we are able to merge unmasked again I hope to do some things differently. Less introverting, more recreating. The best part of an adventure is the planning, so I will be spending this quarantine with maps and notebooks - getting ready for better days.