Hey! My name's Alex! I used to mostly do car-camping, but I met a beautiful bicycle & I've branched into cycling & backpacking.

No bikepacking yet because I have a little 60-pound, year-and-a-half old pup - he's pretty good about staying next to the bicycle for a run around the city, but it's not perfect, and I'm not sure about the physical stress of a long ride. He does fall right asleep in a tent, though -- my only challenge there is that he'll sleep in at home, but he's ready to go at 5 AM when we're at a primitive site. Early.

Anyway, I'm in the far, far part of western MA, where we're brushing up against New York & Vermont, so we have a lot of beautiful stuff to see. Dayhikes are awesome. I'm hoping to hit the Long Trail soon, at least for a couple of days.

If anyone's local & is interested in linking up for a little skiing come winter, absolutely shoot me a message!