Hey everyone!

My name is Brianne I'm from central (ish, the jury is still out on whether we exist) Jersey, grateful to be about 15 from the beach. I used to be into camping and hiking a whole lot, fell out when I started to gain more responsibility in my current job and was on travel more for it.

I've started back up since quarantine where and when I could and I'm so happy I have. Work has gotten more stressful in some ways and less in others but whenever my job stresses me out I try to make a point to get outdoors and use that time to clear my head and regroup whether that be a day hike or a weekend away. While hiking is more limited here in NJ, I have a little more opportunity nearby in PA and NY.

I'm excited to be here and to learn! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

"What you need is to level up with a bong rip of nature" - Jerry Smith, Rick and Morty