I have had the good fortune to be able to climb in the High Peaks for fifty years, they are a very special place to me. Unfortunately they have become so popular that they have become overwhelmed with hikers.  The situation is dangerous especially in light of the pandemic we are all dealing with, but also because so many of the throngs are inexperienced and ill equipped for the hike.  There are times when the last steep bit to the summit of Giant of the Valley resembles the Hillary Step on Mount Everest, a solid line of people slowly making their way to the overcrowded summit. The poor rangers are kept very busy with rescues and giving assistance to these people. I have witnessed so many ridiculous instances in the past decade that it frightens me and it is a wonder that there aren't more casualties. I once encountered two women in high heels nearly a mile down a rugged, muddy trail who asked me if they were on the correct trail to Johns Brook Lodge. I told them they were, but they would never make the remaining 4 miles in those high heeled shoes. I thought that wouldn't be topped, but then one of their teenaged sons showed up barefoot. The Adirondack Mountain Club has instituted a firetower challenge to encourage people to climb the many peaks that have the old towers on the summits and offer wonderful views. That has helped some, but overall the situation is still dreadful with cars parked for miles along the roads near the popular trailheads.  Hope you get a chance to return someday, still worth the trip, just be prepared for it isn't like it was in 1978.