👋 from Minnesota

Hey all, name is Tom, I'm a stay-at-home dad right now to our 16 month old daughter, in the Twin Cities metro area. My wife Becky's and my main activity is mountain biking, but we're also no strangers to hiking/snowshoeing, downhill skiing on-piste, and car camping. My latest obsession has been getting into maintaining our bikes and doing the tune ups myself. Very much hoping to foster a love for the outdoors in our little bug, we've already taken her camping once and are getting started on the balance bike.

Before she was born, I had been an astronomer, so it's no surprise we also love the night sky. We used to geocache back in the day, and I expect that will make a comeback as she grows older. Our biggest achievement is probably having visited every state park in Minnesota, some of which happened in a marathon of 15 parks in 7 days. Looking to the future, I hope we're able to give her (and ourselves) the experience of traveling more out of the country, maybe even on some REI Adventure Travel trips, and definitely skiing out west in the actual mountains!