Hello, name's Mike. I have two dogs Scout and Loki, both Black Lab mix. I enjoy camping, hiking and landscape photography. I would like to try backpacking this coming year.

Hi @MikenScout- Welcome to the community! You have found yourself in a great spot to talk about all of those activities you already love and learn a ton about backpacking too. There are lots of folks here in Conversations passionate about the outdoors. We’re happy you have joined us! Take a look around our different boards, feel free to jump in on conversations that interest you and start your own if you want to share stories, ask questions, or even share photos of Scout and Loki! 

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and for being a co-op member!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Welcome to the community.



Welcome aboard, you will not regret being part of the community.