Hello from New Hampshire,

My name is Jefferson (first name).  I used to live in California, but moved to New Hampshire.  About to turn 50 and still haven't found a decent place to find anyone or a group to go hiking with. 

I am a beginner, but am acquiring gear to get started as I am very much interested in the outdoors and beautiful landscapes.  looking for hikes that don't start at the crack of dawn for my starting hikes.  I am in good health and work out.  Seems as though the younger generation have this pre-conceived notions and stereo-types about my generation.

Maybe I will be more successful here.


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Hi Jefferson - Welcome to the community!

It's great to hear you area enjoying hiking, getting acquainted with new gear, and spending time in beautiful locations. This is a great spot to connect with others to ask any questions you have, ask for trail recommendations, or more. I live in Vermont and recently visited the Whites and am so impressed by the area every time I head that way!

Hopefully you will be able to connect with some others here who are interested in hiking around New Hampshire. Just this morning @WilliamSimsNearShore mentioned looking for hiking partners in New England@VeeMonty also shared about wanting to hike Mt Washington with someone earlier this summer. Maybe you all will be able to connect!

There are lots of folks here in the community who have said they are around your age that share tips, advise, and stories of their ventures. We're hopeful that this community can be a positive experience for you, across different locations, ages, and activities. We recommend taking a look at the hiking board to see if there are any conversations that you feel like joining in on, as well as the New Hampshire board to see who else is posting about the area.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you here!

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