I keep wearing holes into the instep area between my boots of my lighter hiking pants.  I have outdoor research cirque soft shell pants with crampon wearing patches on the insteps that i have used for 7 to 8 years with no problems or holes and was wondering if there are crampon type patches that can be bought and then sewn onto my other hiking pants.  I just bought some Fjallraven bergtagen stretch pants as they were to be highly abrasion resistant, which they appear to generally be as they show no signs of wearing on the knees, butt, upper legs from scrambling on rocks and backpacking recently for a week, however after the week of backpacking and hiking, these pants are also wearing at the seam and have a little hole in them on the instep between the boots.  I have tried to look online but with no luck and wondering if i am calling the crampon type patch incorrectly or if you can even buy something like that if it is not already on pants.