Hi @Ben_Vrackie I'm glad you found those articles helpful.

As for your follow-up question, I would say that I believe the TX3 approach shoe would hold up and do fine in the terrain you have mentioned. However, I think a trail running shoe might be a better way to go if you have few solid rock encounters. They tend to have larger treads and will probably hold up longer in the mud, dirt, grass, and foliage that you have mentioned.

If you decide to buy a pair of hiking boots for longer treks with heavy packs, I suggest investing in a pair that is water-proof, especially if you are going to be backpacking in a region that is wet/where you will encounter water. My favorite hiking boot is the KEEN Terradora II Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot. It's water-proof, has great support, is incredibly grippy, and is super comfortable. I have used these boots for 50+ mile treks and they have never failed me once. I believe that the men's version of this boot is the KEEN Targhee EXP Mid WP Hiking Boot, but I would double check with someone that works at REI about that.

Thanks about the photos! Patagonia and Torres del Paine are amazing. If you want any restaurant/site/other recommendations for the region let me know, I actually lived in Chile for a year back in 2017!

Hope these comments help, and don't hesitate to reach out with other questions you might have!


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