Hi @bryndsharp,

Thank you very much for the reply! Those articles were very helpful, both the TX3s and the TX Guide look like terrific options. I understand that for extended treks with a heavy pack I'd be better served with proper hiking boots and I'll likely get a pair of those in addition to a new, lighter pair of trail shoes. 

I hope you don't mind a follow up question, since I have zero experience with approach shoes. In your experience doo you think the TX3s would hold up over several miles on varied ground? I'm sure they're excellent on rock, I just don't know how they would perform on grass/mud/dirt/foliage that's common on the trails in the forests and hills around here. I love scrambling, but realistically that makes up about 10% of my day hikes.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it! 


p.s. your photos are incredible! I have a trip to Torres del Paine planned when travel opens back up